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I'm A Rainbow Too®

Produced by 360 ARTISTS with support from the Outburst Americas Collective in partnership with British Council Americas.

Outburst Americas Collective is an independent group of LGBTQ+ arts and festival directors, producers and cultural activists from Brazil, Argentina, Northern Ireland, Uruguay and Jamaica.

I'm A Rainbow Too® aims to expand opportunity and capacity for LGBTQ+ artists and creative producers to work with international partners in touring, co-producing work and skills sharing.

I'm A Rainbow Too 360 Artists Jamaica
I'm a rainbow too 360 artists jamaica

Intensive Workshop

Cohort 1 - January 2019
Cohort 2 - January 2022

Pitch IT!

Participants have the opportunity to practice their "Project Pitch". They also have the opportunity to  PITCH their creative project to potential sponsors and funders including 360 ARTISTS.


A networking space to connect to other creatives.

I'm A Rainbow Too!: Workshops
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